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Pivach Properties was officially established in April of 2012, but it is influenced by over 55 years of real estate service and success.

 In 1955, at the age of 25, George Pivach Jr., started his first business in Gulf Loan, a small loan company in South Louisiana.History Page image

Two years later, he and his wife, Frances, added real estate services to their portfolio. Over time, George and Frances expanded their business through several cities and offices throughout Southeast Louisiana. George, the son of Croatian immigrants, and Frances (a Croatian immigrant herself) worked diligently for many years to grow their businesses into the successful corporations that they are today.  Encountering hardships
along the way, the Pivach family endured several setbacks, including an explosion that burned their first office to the ground, and Hurricane Camille which completely wiped out their second office…as well as their home. Never the type to feel sorry for themselves, George and Frances picked up the pieces of their home and business and started anew in Belle Chasse, Louisiana.

Always believing that if a person is good to others and works hard enough, then there is nothing that can’t be accomplished, the Pivaches continued to grow their businesses through dreams and
determination. Their daughter, Diana Pivach Alfortish, joined the firm in the early 1980’s, and the expansion of real estate services continued with the inclusion of land development and acquisition.  Over the years, the Pivaches developed several major subdivisions and played an integral part in the growth of the city of Belle Chasse.  In 2003, Diana purchased what was then called “Pivach Agency” from George and Frances, and officially changed the name to “Pivach Real Estate”. The next year, George passed away, leaving his wife Frances and their daughter Diana to continue his work.

After spending four years with other firms, Stephen George Pivach (George and Frances’s grandson) joined Pivach Real Estate in 2008 with dreams of continuing his grandfather’s real estate vision.  After several years of working alongside Frances and Diana, Stephen decided to move his family to Austin, Texas and start the next chapter in the story of the Pivach Real Estate tradition: Pivach Properties.


“Though the name and look are new, Pivach Properties is founded upon the same principles and values that were established over 50 years ago by one of the greatest men I’ve ever known: Integrity, Hard Work, Discipline, Knowledge, and most importantly…Family.”

Stephen George Pivach
Generation Real Estate Broker