Buyer Representation

Seek, and Ye Shall Find.  When purchasing a home, buyers traditionally start their search online through a real estate website.  To accommodate, we have developed one of the most state of the art sites in the Austin area.  Customizable searches, auto-emails, and a plethora of unique content are just a few key features that our site offers.

It’s called a “search” for a reason.  Finding the right home entails much more than a simple website query.  It requires a deep analysis of what a person is hoping to accomplish with their purchase.  We create a custom “search strategy” for each of our buyer clients that breaks down their needs and wants into a measurable system.  This system ensures that our clients are seeing everything that they want, and nothing that they do not.

Neighborhood Specialist.  Buyers want to work with the neighborhood specialist, not the neighborhood pretender.  Our firm has spent countless hours and dollars collecting data on Austin area neighborhoods for our clients to reference in their searches.  This information includes: school districts, tax rates, area amenities, drive/walk times, crime rates, HOA information, utility providers, active listings and more.